What makes you a good Real Estate Agent?

“I am a patient and a very good listener. I am able to read people and pick up on their needs and wants and use that to gain a better understanding of what they are looking for. Working for the school board with children with Special needs, I learned to read and adapt to many different communication styles. I am a good “people person”, and have a passion for helping others realize their goals. There is nothing I love more than to see people happy, and if I can play a part in making that happen then I have succeeded and done my job. What excites you about this process, excites me too. I’m here to protect YOUR interests and help you materialize your vision!”

Oriana believes in a clear, no gimmick approach and the benefits of open communication with their clients.
Oriana has had a passion for Real Estate since her teenage years. With over a decade as a Developmental Specialist with the Ottawa Catholic Board, she is able to apply much of her learned skill set to her Real Estate career.

Oriana’s goal is to maintain transparency in every trade, a strong commitment to service, professional integrity and market knowledge.